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What is BoxSand?

BoxSand is an online learning environment with links to videos, practice problems, open source textbooks, educational websites, simulations, and more. The BoxSand menu contains a large database of content found at OSU and around the web. Students are guided through the site and their out-of-class activities with the course's Daily Learning Guide, found at the bottom of the page.

How students use the site and how that correlates with performance in the class, will be the topic of an ongoing Educational Data Mining study. The hope is this information can be used to help determine not only what content is best, but also what path through the content is best. This will then guide future iterations of the site.

The project has been completed entirely by OSU students and faculty. Support comes from an L.L. Stewart Grant, a Learning Innovation Grant, the OSU Physics Department, and two Action Research Fellowships through the ESTEME project. To learn more about the site, click on How do I use BoxSand? below.